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73% of people experienced a reduction in the severity and duration of cold sores.

*Double blind study by Herpes Virus Association of 40 people using Liquorice Root Extract


With liquorice root, clinically proven to weaken the cause of cold sores
Protecting lips from sunlight - a major cause of cold sores
Nourishing Shea Butter helps keep lips soft and smooth each day
Clinically proven natural ingredient weakens the cause of cold sores

Q: Can you use it for a cold sore anywhere – i.e. on the body, genitals?

No… the product is designed specifically for oral lips. Genital sores are caused mainly by a completely different virus and proliferate in a completely different physiology to oral herpes.

Q: Are there any claims, trials or studies to back the solution driven treatment?

A: Yes, the Herpes Virus Association conducted a double-blind trial of 40 participants that demonstrated that liquorice root was able to show that 73% experienced a reduction in the severity and duration of any outbreaks suffered. In addition, any outbreaks suffered were ½ their normal length without any extra side effect.

Q: Contagious - is the applicator antibacterial?

A: The lip balm applicator is not antibacterial, as the point of contact is directly on the lips. However, the tube is, as the Base magic is kept separate from body contact. Hence, our Lip Solve tubes should be used if you have blisters. Can you use the same Base balm if you have a cold sore whilst using first time, or will this trigger another outbreak? You can use the balm but it will not have a direct effect on the sore. However, it will not trigger another outbreak.

Q: Can you share the lip balm?

A: It is not recommended that you share lip balm at all, not only from a cold sore perspective, but decrease the risk of spreading other general illnesses and diseases.

Q: Base weakens the cause but it’s not a cure – is that right?

A: The Herpes virus causes cold sore and when inactive, remains hidden in the nerve cells. But when its activated, travels to the lip and begins to multiply, resulting in blisters. Base limits the intensity and frequency of outbreaks by using glycyrrhizic acid – this is the ingredient that’s been shown to weaken the Herpes, when in a dormant state in the skin. It does NOT cure the disease in the nerve cell – currently nothing does.

Q: Dehydration – is this a cause of cold sores, or is the shea butter in the lip balm also part of the preventative nature?

A: Dehydrated and chapped lips often lead to an increase in infection and therefore affect your immunity and so may lead to a possibility of cold sores. However, we think that you should use just 1 product for all your skin needs for your lips… Therefore, Lip solve not only helps prevent cold sores through use of liquorice root, protecting you lip’s skin with SPF 30 but also keeps your lips hydrated and at their best (stopping drying and chapped lips) through the intensely hydrating shea butter.

Q: “95% powered by nature”, what is the other 5%?

A: Due to wanting the best formulation (texture and feel) and the best SPF 30 possible there were some ingredients that we had to use that we could not fully make natural yet and still offer consumers everyday prevention at £1/week.

Q: What is the recommended daily usage?

A: We know lip fanatics love applying balm, so you can apply Lip Solve as many times as you like. A good application should last 3-4 hours so round the clock coverage would be 4-5 applications throughout the day.

Q: Is there a minimal amount to use it for it to work?

A: Just ensure you have adequately covered all of your lip skin.

Q: How long will each stick and tube last?

A: Obviously, it depends how much you use… but on average it should last 4-6 weeks of continual daily use.

Q: Up to 90% of adults have HSV-1 in their system yet only around a quarter of them will experience frequent outbreaks – Why?

A: This comes down to everyone’s unique immunity and lifestyle. Some people may have higher natural resistance to the effects of the activated virus and some people’s lifestyle (exposure to sun, lower immunity, high alcohol intake.) may pre-dispose them to being open to suffering. That is why 1 in 5 suffer outbreaks more than 3 times a year.

Q: Side Effects – are there any known from liquorice?

A: Not under normal or even excessive use. You would have to eat serious amounts of base over a period of months to be at risk of any side effects, as you would expect from an ingredient that is predominately used as flavouring in food!

Shea Butter

The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturising for skin. It is often used to remedy dry skin and to help protect the skin’s natural oils. Shea butter also reduces inflammation and smoothes the skin.

Liquorice Root

Liquorice root is anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling, redness and discomfort. The main beneficial effect of Glycyrrhizin (which is found in liquorice root) is the actual weakening of the herpes virus when this is in a dormant state in the skin. The effect of this is reduced frequency, intensity and duration of cold sores.