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Body Boost Food Supplements


Control your BOD.

Our BOD food supplements help us to feel fuller and take control of our portion sizes pre-night out.


Babe, we get it. Us girls have days when our dress feels that bit tighter than we want it to. Our BOD Food Supplements naturally absorb water in our body, helping us to feel fuller and take control of our portion sizes pre-night out. This will help you feel fuller, whilst eating less to help you feel Sexy AF in that dress.

Contains powerful prebiotic Konjac root, which supports improved gut health, such as constipation. It has been shown to positively lower cholesterol and, due to the mode of action of absorbing water sowing digestion, Konjac Root supports diabetics in gradual absorption of sugar.

Ingredients per capsule

500mg Glucomannan (Konjac Root)

Other Ingredients:

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide

Advice & Warnings

BOD Supplements should be taken as part of a varied, balanced diet and supported by an active lifestyle. Not suitable tor diabetes sufferers, children, pregnant women or those with scheduled surgery. Avoid long term use (6 months or longer) and stop immediately if you suffer any side effects and seek medical attention. All capsules should be consumed with over 350ml of water (1 large glass). For full effect 2 capsules(or 1g of Konjac root) should be consumed before each meal 3 times a day to support an enef1Y-restricted diet but do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Take with plenty of water as if you suffer swallowing difficulties or take with not enough water, you may choke. Keep out of children's reach. See base for best before.


For the best results, take two capsules before every meal (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) with 1-2 glasses (350ml) of water.

Safe to use everyday, but girls, BOD works just as well when you need that one-off body boost for that special occasion.


Control your way to feeling Sexy AF.

Use our Body Boosting Supplements as Step 3 to absorb water in your Bod and take control of your portions to feel Sexy AF for longer.

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